How much do braces cost from a Brisbane dentist?

Braces Fees

Braces costs vary depending on type of braces and degree of complexity.

Factors to take in consideration when quoting for orthodontic treatment include:

  • Types of Braces – Metal, Ceramic and Lingual
  • Degree of difficulty

Metal Braces – Metal Braces are the preferred orthodontic treatment for dentists as . They use thin metal wires, stainless steel brackets and elastic bands (band colours can be chosen by patient).

Cost: Metal braces at our Richlands Dentists and Springfield Dentist start at $6000.

Metal Braces Brisbane Orthodontics

Ceramic Braces – Ceramic braces are the same as metal braces except tooth coloured porcelain is used instead of stainless steel. Our Springfield and Richlands dentists find patients often opt for ceramic braces due to its perfect blend of powerful performance and aesthetic appeal.

Cost: Ceramic braces at our Richlands Dentists and Springfield Dentist start at $8000. Ceramic braces tend to cost more than their metal counterpart, due to the varying costs of material used.

Ceramic Braces Brisbane Orthodontics

Will the type of braces used affect the length of treatment time? 

Whether you choose metal braces or ceramic braces, the type of appliance used will not impact the treatment time. Treatment time will be dependant on the complexity of the case.

Lingual Braces – Lingual braces are the same as metal braces, except with the added visual benefit of the brackets and wire being placed on the inside.

Although the visual benefits may be appealing, lingual braces are not suitable for all cases. Furthermore, adjustment appointments are required more frequently and take longer that traditional braces, adding to the overall cost.

Cost: Lingual braces at our Richlands Dentists and Springfield Dentist start at $9000.

Lingual Braces Brisbane Orthodontics

$6000 – $10,000

You can expect to be quoted $6000 – $10,000 for orthodontic treatment at Southside Dental Group Springfield Dentist and Southside Dental Group Richlands Dentist. 

Payment Options

Health Insurance and Dental Insurance

Your level of cover will determine whether orthodontic treatment is covered by your health insurance/dental insurance. In most cases, patients with Extra’s Cover at a higher tier will receive a health fund rebate (Percentage of rebate varies dependant on health fund and tier).

Waiting Periods

If you are considering orthodontic treatment for yourself or your child with Health Insurance coverage, something to keep in mind is waiting periods. Most health insurers require patients to complete a 12 month waiting period for orthodontic treatment and major dental treatment.

Payment Plans

Our Springfield Dentists and Richlands Dentists offer a range of payment plan options including:

Are Braces Covered by Medicare?

In some exceptional cases, Medicare can cover the cost of braces. You will need to show sufficient evidence however, of how it is impacting your overall health.

In general, Medicare does not cover orthodontic treatment. Medicare’s Child Dental Benefit Schedule also does not cover orthodontic treatment.

If your orthodontic case is severe and you’d like to understand your eligibility for Medicare cover, please contact us to organise a complimentary orthodontic assessment.

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